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Welcome to Sinergia! The first virtual legal office in Nicaragua.  Sinergia transforms the traditional manner to deliver legal services throughout technology and innovation; deriving savings in time, space and money.


Sinergia  is a team of innovative lawyers with professional experience over public and private sector, NGOs and international organizations; whom creates a synergy of efforts to deliver  alternative and creative legal solutions oriented to entrepreneurs, investors and  individuals.


At the end of the day, Sinergia breaks the traditional model of legal services and takes a step ahead on client and attorney interactions; in this manner, this new business model erases frontiers and saves time and money, by using tools such as: web portal for the client, secure file transfer and e-commerce, in a nutshell: saves money for the client.


How can we help ?




In order to establish a formal business in Nicaragua, there are few steps that must be observed. Sinergia can help you with the following, just to mention a few:

  • Corporation papers and bylaws as well as their registration.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Administrative registration before local authorities, such as: taxes, security and municipality.
  • Administrative permits such as health, police, just to mention a few.

Existing companies


We can help you with legal aspects of all areas in your company, particularly:

  • Contract negotiation and draft proposals, ie: services, sales, transport, credit, financing, suppliers, amongst others.
  • Crisis administration with suppliers, clients, worker, competition or any other.
  • Labor aspects such as recruiting, dismissal and unbundled services.


We can help you resolving your personal legal issues as follows:

  • Legal opinion and regarding purchase of properties, leasing or similar, legal paperwork and inscription.
  • Personal loans.
  • Power of attorney.
  • General counseling.



This in the right time for investing in Nicaragua 


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, a developing economy and considered the safest country in the region. The warmth of its people, geographic location, natural resources and a stable legal frame promotes an investment climate and exceptional personal experience.


There are an array of benefits and opportunities to invest in Nicaragua, particularly for startup companies and entrepreneurs. There is a lot of work do, meaning this is the time and place to make money. Can you believe there is no bowling alley?, or that in order to buy fishing equipment there is only one or two stores in the whole country? or that in the whole country there is only one videogame arcade?


Sinergia  may help you identifying business opportunities, besides to help you during the investment process, through the revision of legal and administrative aspects. We will talk about this in our blog. Please be alert!

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Who we are

We are lawyers with a wide experience in business, oriented to resolve situations in an efficient manner. We address our efforts direct to the point, avoiding the unnecessary rhetoric to achieve more benefits, as well as avoiding fixed costs such as office leasing. Sinergia works in a remote manner throughout electronics means; that is a secure and modern platform. Sinergia is the only legal office in Nicaragua that delivers legal services in this way.


You will find in Sinergia entrepreneurs, versatile and disruptive lawyers, with a vision for the future and plenty of new ideas. At Sinergia converges talent and experience both obtained from and applied for the best companies and legal firms in Nicaragua. We are an unique business model in Nicaragua, creating a mark in the history of legal services delivery, opening a door for investment and for the future.



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